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I'm 19, currently at UCLan studying Journalism, in love with everything glamorous! Constantly looking for bigger and better things. Hopeless romantic, everyone says I'm a dreamer and that I see the world with rose coloured glasses but I'm a glass half full kinda girl! 

Saturday, 22 September 2012

I'm back!

Sorry I haven't been writing for a while, I've been massively busy with starting university and turning the big 20! Had the most amazing few weeks of my life though to be honest :-)

So the last time I posted I was talking about GFest, well we managed to get tickets and it was incredible! Clement Marfo and the Frontline, Stooshie, Maverick Sabre and Angel were all there which was just ridiculous! Rich from CMTF ran into me while we were queueing for the toilets, he apologised but he is literally the most beautiful looking person I have ever seen in my life! I couldn't speak! I just mumbled to Dannie who typically was looking in the opposite direction! Then we bumped into some friends who had met some Irish boys who were the cutest things ever! This one called Kevin bought me a snap back, which I had wanted all day! What a great way to pull a girl eh? Buy her best friend a snapback!!!

So these are only some of the photos we took, typically we thought it would be an absolute pig sty and so muddy we rocked up in wellys but the next thing we knew it was absolutely blazing sunlight! It was so hot and I ended up with the most annoying sunburn! It was actually one of the best days of my entire life and I've never been so hungover as I was the next day! Wound up with a massive cold and flu for like the entire week after which also coincided with the start of university! Wouldn't have changed it for the world though!

Thursday, 6 September 2012


Heard about this festival on the radio in Avenham park near where I live and heard there are still tickets left! So me and Dannie being the spontaneous bastards that we are decided to buy some, G fest here we come!

Maverick Sabre will be there-which Dannie is absolutely shagging over, Stooshe, Dappy, Labrinth, Abandoman and Clement Marfo and the Frontline!! (AAAAAAhhhh!!!)

So excited for Saturday- shopping tomorrow for the most perfect festival outfit! Just checked the weather and apparently its going to rain, but we will be dancing and screaming that much it wont even matter!


Blackpool Illuminations!

So Dannie put on a facebook status that she really wanted to go and see the lights, and eat hot doughnuts and go on the Waltzers, so we made plans to go and here are the few pictures that are acceptable for you lot to see. The rest are windswept and I look like shit haha! Anyway we went on the Waltzers- totally don't remember them being so fast! Actually thought I was going to be sick! Then we had all bought tickets for Crazy Frog, you know the one that spins round and bounces up and down? Well I made the mistake of watching it so I chickened out and ended up being bag carrier! Then walking past a load of game stalls Dannie pulled some gypsys, was hilarious! Then we bought hot dogs, doughnuts, candy floss and some candy willies (had to be done, its Blackpool for christ sake!) Then we came home! Now time for brew and bed and a big natter planning the weekend!

night dolls xoxoxoxox

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The most disgusting night of my life!

It was relaxed as I had just finished work, and Dannie was really hungover so we went out in flats and leggings and I wore a top I'd just bought from Topshop. I'm glad I went out in flats because we ended up sharing a whole bottle of Belvedere between us and we were so drunk! In heels I probably would have broken my neck or ankle or something! We had an absolutely amazing, ended up in Bolton which was so expensive to get home from. But all in all had an absolutely amazing time!

Starting a new chapter of my life...

I'm off to university, finally doing the degree I want to do. I'm turning over a new page in my life and forgetting all the grief of the past, and I couldn't feel better. I've been working out non-stop which makes me feel really healthy and relaxed, I've been spending a ridiculous amount of time with my family and friends and making lots of plans.

So this blog, is going to be about my new life and all the exciting adventures university's going to bring. Hope you enjoy reading all about my life! :-)